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Ahead of the book’s drop this week she’s juggling a lot: interviews, publisher meetings, publicity strategies, wedding plans, dinner preparations, phone calls, emails and a thousand other things, large and small.It can be tricky to stay on topic with Nathan before another task or another thought pops into her head and — bam!Joan Nathan, chef Alice Waters, right, and hosts Mara Liasson of NPR and Rob Wilder of Think Food Group chat at the Sips and Suppers benefit dinner on Jan. Her mother, the grand dame of Providence, Rhode Island, passed away in February at age 103 while Nathan was visiting. If Joan Nathan seems distracted, she has plenty of reasons to be.

This shows evidence for the statistic that Jews are most likely to seek pleasure more than anything out of sex.

Twelve-year-old Ozer Simon hadn’t grown up Hasidic, but after his parents divorced, his mom became a , a secular Jew who has “returned” to religious ways, and enrolled him at a yeshiva.

He immediately fell behind because the other kids had been studying Hebrew since they were toddlers, so when Rabbi Joseph Reizes, a new teacher recently arrived from Brooklyn, offered to tutor the child, his mother jumped at the opportunity.

Somehow, in the midst of this Caribbean decadence, a very different community also thrived.

Just a few blocks from the scantily dressed beachgoers and the drug lords in Armani silk were men in ill-fitting black suits and heavy beards, and women in thick wigs and long woolen skirts all year long, even as the wet heat of the Atlantic swept across the peninsula.

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For example, students in Grade 1 will learn to identify body parts, including genitalia, “using correct terminology.” Other changes will see students in Grade 2 learn about stages of development and bodily changes, while same-sex relationships will be explored in Grade 3.

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