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(I notice European girls dress very well too, exactly how females should dress! I think it is unique largely to Asians..Africans, Middle Easterns, East indians/gypsy looking ppl, etc. In fact, based on what I've experienced and heard, I think Asian guys with game and looks go from below average to superstars (or at least all stars) in Eastern Europe.

) The North American girls, on the other hand, are usually cold, and somehow they put some kind of invisible barrier/wall (at least that's how I feel). But the nerdy looking Asian guys with no game get nowhere.

it's a lot closer and they have some hot women down there, like Brazil, Argentina, others? Brazilian is just average difficulty but brazil is expensive, brazilian women hate america and america and the west tends to bring out the worst in brazilian. Sure genesis rodriguez is hot, but 99% of mexicans don't look close to that.

Brazilian women in the west turn very dissatified, they kill their husbands (arturo gatti) or they kidnap their kids back to brazil. Also who wants to be shot in mexico, the hottest girls all come from the most dangerous part where no western would go. All round they are the best of women from a man's perspective.

Just wondering about something: I'm Asian, with a bit of Dutch heritage, but look more Asian.

With them I form long lasting bonds/friendships basically. ) Anglo-American culture has a bit of a white-supremacy syndrome, whereas much of Western Europe is pretty open minded to outside cultures and people.

And they actually show genuine interest in me..about my life, send me interesting things, etc.

In social networking/penpal sites, I notice a very common trend: usually it's the non-North American girls (mostly Europeans, followed by South Americans and Asians) who initiate conversations with me..heavily flirt, send smilies, write messages, etc.

It’s good because a lot of Asian guys still can’t believe that non-Asian women are interested in them, SO, in effect, sometimes you Women will just have to spell it out in plain Engrish. The company reported that its global operation was 85 per cent male in tech positions and 15 per cent female.Women accounted for a larger share of non-tech positions, with 52 per cent of roles. It's also very very rare for them to go on the internet looking for forieng husbands.If you visit an internet cafe in the Philippines, it'll be filled with girls chatting on yahoo messenger with dozens of foreign guys at a time. They also tend to create accounts for every dating website that exists.

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