Dating for ugly women

When I read her book, I enjoyed it, but couldn't relate to it because I am a widow who, for various reasons, has decided that finding another mate is probably not in the cards for me.

I didn't feel that I was qualified to review the book for those reasons.

Rosemary went through a lot of trouble to document each of her experiences in the Internet dating world.

I so admire her tenacity and am very happy that she found her love!

Her experiences go a long way in helping others who are navigating Internet dating waters.

(Never trust a power vacuum to be left unfilled by man or woman.) She looked straight ahead when her husband was simultaneously asking his question of the group leader and craning his neck to her for approval, and she never once softened her expression into a sympathetic, let alone loving, smile at him.

You infer the man has alpha characteristics to complement his good looks, and he has cashed that in for a hot babe.

You would be surprised, were you to talk to him, if he wasn’t charming and a bit arrogant. Ugly man with ugly woman All is right, if depressing, in the world.

I must admit that I 'know' the author through various forums on which we mutually post.

I like her very much and have a great deal of respect for her.

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I was participating in a mobile conference which included question and answer periods, and I noticed an odd couple standing to my side. As he asked his question, he kept looking over at his wife — in fact, staring at his wife more than the speaker, although he was ostensibly addressing the speaker.

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