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As this is a Community of Practice, your reflections here will be very helpful to others, particularly as some here host or present webinars and may be able to make changes to improve our PD webinar experience. Rosen [email protected] David, Thanks for posting this inquiry, it certainly is timely since we often use webinars as one form of distance PD, yet we find can ourselves grappling with the engagement aspect.This would also be a great time to think about how PD webinars could be done differently; for example, PD webinars might: Do you have ideas for how PD webinars could be re-designed to be more engaging, more a part of a sustained PD experience, or in other ways more useful? I recently scheduled two webinars for the EBPD Group, one for January and another for February 2015, on featuring state professional development systems.From your perspective as a participant what are best and worst webinar practices? Reflect on PD webinars you have participated in, been a presenter in, or moderated.Here are some of my thoughts about PD weaknesses and strengths. What strengths and weaknesses would you add to the list?The ruins of those grand temples are still visible in the northern part of the city.More than 1,000 years later, the Ottomans established the city as a trading post during their 150-year rule and built two baths that still operate.February's discussions will build on the themes and threads that carry forward from the January webinar and from the online follow up discussions.

Ein Heer von Kindern wird in den nächsten Jahren ihre Eltern verlieren.

For the harried business traveler — or anyone else who could use a respite — an escape to one of the city's seven public thermal baths provides a soothing glimpse into that history while being just a quick subway ride away from the city center.

The Romans were the first to harness the area's hot springs, setting up a regional capital here partly because of the steamy mineral water burbling below ground.

We plan to focus on discussion via breakout groups, using our featured states as springboards into the issues.

One goal is to identify hot topics and PD needs professional developers face so that we, as an EBPD Community of Practice, can begin tackling the issues head-on in 2015.

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