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It was for that reason that the query cache was one of the early things to be removed from Drizzle, it just didn’t scale on multi core systems that we were targeting. While working on My SQL 5.6 on POWER8, I enabled the query cache and ran a benchmark.

My SQL implements caching where frequently used data can be stored, there are two parts to a query can use the query cache to obtain the already prepared query without running this process again which costs time, hopefully the data retrieved will be pretty much the same, again this data should still be in the data cache (memory) which means for faster retrieval.The My SQL query cache is a simple operation and it only caches is not always the same.The query cache stores a hash of the query along with the result set, this means that the query must be the same byte for byte for it to match in the cache this includes matching case and whitespaces, etc.So queries need to be invalidated when data changes.In order to make this fast and easy, it's done on a table-by-table basis; when a table changes, all queries that used that table are removed.

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