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I hope that your time here will be pleasant and wish you the best of luck when entering.

JTA — As the folks on the next season of “Game of Thrones” might say, “Winter is here.” That means it’s time to get under the covers and engage in the national pastime of binge-watching TV shows.

After success with “Friends”, she continued her acting career in features that allowed her to display a wider array of talent.

Continue reading the article to find out more about her family, her childhood and her school days, as well as details from her way to stardom.

THE 100K DROP hosted by DAVINA Mc CALLDavina Mc Call brings big money to Channel 4 daytime with The 100K Drop, which sees host Davina Mc Call at the helm as a raft of brave new contestants take on the dastardly drop and attempt to win a jackpot of 100,000.

To take it home, they must hold their nerve by placing their money on the trap doors containing the correct answers.

Give a wrong answer and they will see thousands of pounds of cash drop through the floor before their very eyes.

If you’ve already worked your way through HBO Go’s offerings and seen every Netflix Original, consider an offering from the Jewish state — Israeli TV has improved markedly over the years.

Though Israel may be small in size, it has plenty of fodder for great TV: wars, terrorism, religious tensions.

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