Safety tips for blind dating

While there are many “wolves in sheep’s clothing” there are also some good people out there who are well meaning and honest about wanting to meet decent like minded individuals.

Do not get caught in a spider web of problems on a blind date by being as safe as you possibly can be.

Men do not want to be viewed presumptuous and have their amorous advances rejected.

Women do not want to appear promiscuous or be disrespected.

Violent acts perpetrated by people with whom we are familiar occur more frequently than crimes committed by strangers.

To be on the safe side you might want to only give out your cell phone number as opposed to your home number until you have decided that this is a person you wish to get to know better.Are you new to 'Internet' or 'online' dating services?- if you are, the world of online dating might seem a little strange and even bizzar and there might be a few questions on your mind how it works, how safe it is and how effective online dating sites and services are generally.As a man who is an excellent communicator and emotionally connected, I was one of the most dangerous of daters.Because some women felt an instant chemistry and even a spiritual connection with me, as if they had known me all their life…“he’s different so he must be safe.” Well the good news is that I was and am safe and so are most guys.

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