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Mýa Marie Harrison is an American RNB artist, record producer as well as an actress who was born on the 10th of October 1979 and is currently 37 years of age. Coming from a musical family, she started her interest from the age of 5, when she was urged to play her father’s guitar.

Soon this top rapper Eazy-E fined hidden talent in Game and polishes this young man.In this year many question are arise related to relationships that Who is The Game Rapper Dating 2015?Game Girlfriend Fiance Wife because after last breakup he is single and number of girls are looking forward to date with this best rapper.Is Dennis Rodman going to party an unsuspecting contest winner to death?Plus stories on Kel Mitchell, Golden Brooks, The Rock and more.

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Dont know if it will happen since the USA street date for MYAs record has been bumped again to Sept 18th, but it could be since Prince will be in europe throughtout august.....

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